Individual Services


Budgeting and Forecasting

Our goal is to help our individual clients reach their  financial aspirations; weather it's buying a car for a first time, or mortgaging a second home.  Let us help you prepare and make the right financial decisions, one piece at a time.


Estate Planning

What's something exciting your business offers? Say it here.We work closely with local Attorney's and Investment Advisors to ensure our client's long term goals and succession plans are properly in place and designed with their expectations and desires in mind.


Individual Taxation

We are able to provide all of our client's with the knowledge and care they would expect to receive at a large CPA firm, but with the price they would expect to pay at your local tax preparation store.  

Corporate and Partnerships


Monthly Services

Not all business owners have the luxury or need to hire a full time Controller or CFO to handle their monthly financial reporting and forecasting requirements.  Let us help bridge the gap, so you can keep your focus on more pressing business issues.


Banking Relationships

Many business owners are very successful at their craft, but when it comes time to talk to their banker about financial growth, the conversation might as well be in a foreign language.  Lets us be your company's advocate/translator when dealing with your financial needs for success.


Corp & Partnership Taxation

Whether your business is structured at a C-Corporation, Sub-Chapter S-Corporation, or Partnership LLC, there are many tax strategies within the law to be taken advantage of.  Let us help you minimize your business tax exposure, so you can keep your money where you need it, in your business.

Consulting Services


Software Implementation

Whether it’s a full ERP implementation or just installing a new time clock software, the success of the implementation is based on proper planning, execution, and training.  We have the experience you need to make your implementation a seamless one.


Process Improvement

In an ever growing corporate environment of "do more with less" process improvement is a must.  Let us help you find the "time wasters" in your company and develop a value stream map to implement the changes you need to do more with less.


Harness Technology

At Howell & Associates we believe in harnessing the power of technology to stream line processes helping business owners get real time data.  With real time data, business owners are better prepared to react to the market and make the right decision for their company in real time.  Let us help your company harness the technology needed to obtain your business goals.

Mission Statement

Let your CPA Advisor be your most valued asset, not just another expense.


At Howell & Associates, our goal is for each and everyone of our clients to walk away feeling the services we provided, were truly value added and long term forward thinking.  

There are a lot of CPA firms and tax preparation stores that have the knowledge and expertise to file the necessary accounting and taxation documents that most individual and closely held companies require.  Where we at Howell & Associates succeed is by taking it a step further.  Our goal is to not just be our client's historian and tabulate "what happened".  Our goal is to educate our clients on "what happened" and "why", so we can work with them to establish a plan for the future.

Customer Promotions


We are currently expanding our client base and welcome the opportunity to show you what we can do.  Any new client that signs up with us now, through April 16, 2019 will receive $60.00 off their first tax return. 

Now through December 31, 2019 we are offering a free review of your 2017 filed tax returns for both individuals and businesses.   It never hurts to take a second look!